Visiting Colorful San Juan, Puerto Rico

san juan puerto rico

Before I took this trip, I knew nothing about San Juan other than that it’s the capital of Puerto Rico and that means warm weather. I was perusing flights on Jet Blue one day, something I do often, when I saw a flight from Boston to San Juan for a little over $200 round trip.

Rule of thumb: if you find a flight to another country for under $500 round trip and you are even mildly interested in the destination, BOOK THAT FLIGHT!

Don’t even think about it. This is a unicorn flight and you need to book it. It’s a message from the Universe. An Omen.


I had only taken a handful of trips before  and normally I know everything there is to know about a city before I plan my visit, so this time I was completely out of my element. With Paris, I was married to the destination and simply waiting for a flight deal low enough to pull the trigger. This time, however, it was the other way around.

Was I looking to book a trip? Nope. Could I really afford to take another trip, having just returned from Paris and Quebec? Not really. Was the promise of a tropical vacation with warm breezes, instagram-able cocktails, possible Spanish men, and a tan appealing enough to make a move? YUP.

I quickly learned that Old San Juan is best known for it’s colorful downtown area that is paved with rainbow colored houses and Spanish architecture, a place that is unbelievably pretty in real life.

colorful old san juan

Most of my time was spent relaxing at the resort, swinging in a hammock and tanning all day. This was unlike the normal trips I take, because the focal point of this adventure was to truly relax. That being said, I did make my way into Old San Juan one of the days and was able to walk down the beautiful rainbow streets. The buildings are literally like out of a story book and they made for the most beautiful pictures.


colorful old san juan




This trip was very spontaneous and I bless my lucky stars for browsing flight deals that day in order to catch the low flight! I ended up having a blast and hope to return to San Juan someday, maybe for engagement photos?

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